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BUYERS: Can I go to an open house without my agent?

You sure can! However, here are a few tips:

  1. Avoid discussing your personal situation with the Realtor that is on site. In the event that you wish to offer on the home, you may have compromised a few different negotiation strategies by having an honest conversation.

  2. Rather than explaining your scenario, it's best to ask the Realtor on site if they know what the seller would like (i.e. what possession date is preferred, etc.)

  3. Signing in is always appreciated, both from a safety perspective [both for the property & Realtor], but also for documentation purposes. You are best to put your Realtor's contact information instead of your own, and that way you won't be bothered with follow ups & your Realtor can be notified should there be any updates (i.e. offer received, price drops, etc.)

  4. Be sure to check for any open house updates before heading out! In some circumstances, properties receive offers the day of the open house, and the sellers opt to cancel the open house altogether. Save yourself some time & do a quick double check to make sure there are no notes on the MLS page & the open house is still posted.

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